Cepra Certified:

Hands on owner operators

FNGLA certified landscape contractor #CC5-0234

A.S. Degree in Horticulture

State Certified Pest Control Operator #JF152443

B.S. Degree in Horticulture 

FL Green Industries Best Management Practices Certified

25 Plus Years Industry Experience

Company is fully licensed and insured 


Landscape Management 

Cepra Landscape is built on it's backbone of commercial grounds maintenance services. Most people don't realize that in order to achieve the best product possible you must be able to control all the variables of a landscape. Cepra completes all its services in-house to guarantee you get the best landscape management with no finger pointing. By controlling all aspects of your landscape, we can guarantee you the best product while utilizing the full potential of your property. 


Landscape Enhancement

We provide all the services and resources needed to update, renovate, or simply build and create your dream landscape.  From in-house design services to installation of flowers, shrubs, and trees we do it all.  We pride ourselves in designing sustainable landscapes that provide long term solutions to your property’s needs.  We build your landscape to fill your needs for many years to come. We know that the right plant in the right place can make all the difference in the presentation of your landscape.


Tree Care Services 

Our team of arborists work hard to evaluate the trees on your property and provide the best recommendations to sustain the beauty and prolong the life of your trees.  Proper tree care and maintenance can help you avoid the difficult and expensive hassle of tree replacement.  Cepra tree care services can range from pruning, fertilization, site inventory, long term planning, and removals.   Trees are the foundation of the landscape and Cepra is here to care for them. 

Irrigation Management 

Our management team evaluates the full picture when it comes to water management in your landscape.  We don’t just fix sprinklers, we manage your system as a whole.  We believe irrigation management is a critical component to a successful landscape management program which is why we include it in all of our landscape management programs.  By incorporating the irrigation system with consideration for design, maintenance, and technology, we can improve a landscape and its long term sustainability as well as reduce costs for our customers.  


Horticulture Services 

Cepra includes horticulture service with all its landscape management customers to ensure they achieve the best results possible.  Cepra works side by side with industry professionals to ensure that the horticulture program is designed to match your properties needs as well as complying with the local laws and regulations.  Cepra uses a strong foundation of IPM to ensure that the best products are used with minimal cost to the environment.  We feel so strongly in our program that we guarantee our results.


Miscellaneous Services 

At Cepra Landscape we consider ourselves a full service landscape provider.  In addition to our landscape management services, we provide all the services needed to assist our customers in beautifying their site.  These additional services range from Landscape Lighting, Pressure Washing, Hardscapes, Holiday Decorations, Handy Man Services, and many other outdoor services