Our Story

Although officially started in early 2015, the seeds of CEPRA began to take root many years ago. After more than 25 years of combined experience managing, maintaining, and developing landscapes in both corporate and residential capacities, CEPRA founders saw an opportune moment to start their own landscape company - one that would be built on the grounds that nothing is more important than exceeding the customer's expectations. They had a vision to create a company that would challenge the status quo established by competitors. Supported by an incredible team who shares their passion for exceeding customer expectations and a dedication to landscapes, CEPRA is a different kind of landscape company, writing a new set of standards for the industry. 

The CEPRA Difference

The CEPRA difference rests on three pillars:(1) Unparalleled customer service, (2) expertise of our employees, and (3) our beautiful landscapes. These three pillars serve as the foundation for ancillary brand benefits, including attention to detail, educated decision making, personalized service, design aesthetic, and a seamless customer experience. Our difference is solid. 

Our Belief System

-We believe that every customer is a long-term relationship opportunity and a true partner in our success

-We believe that our employees are our biggest asset and that they should share our dedication to landscaping and our passion for customer service

-We believe that every landscape should be beautiful and functional with minimal impact to the natural environment

-We believe that our reputation is everything

-We believe in always learning and in challenging the status quo - for continual advancement and growth


These beliefs are so ingrained in our company, we've encapsulated them into our brand name: Customers, Employees, Products, Reputation, and Advancement. This is CEPRA. An acronym that symbolizes the source of our success - what's needed in order for our brand to thrive. When we live and work by these core values, our success is bountiful. 

Our name reminds us of our purpose every time we see it, hear it and say it. It represents a new era and a new standard for landscaping services. CEPRA. See the difference. 


Our Employees: A Culture of Commitment

Customers can't see what's happening below the soil, but they can always see the beauty above it, thanks to our employees. They are the bearers of our brand promise and our biggest brand advocates. We recognize their importance in our success, so we ensure that they always have the tools and education needed to provide an unrivaled level of service and commitment to our customers. CEPRA - a higher standard for landscape design, development, and maintenance. Inside and out. 


See Beyond Green: A Range of Services Under One Roof

CEPRA believes that the right landscapes can enhance, even change, the lives of people who occupy them. Because all of our services are offered in-house, we are able to tend to our landscapes with more attention and focus compared to other companies. At every step of it's growth, we are it's true and only caretakers. From landscape design and landscape reconstruction, to landscape maintenance and irrigation, our team of experienced professionals bring diverse talents and high-level skills to each unique project.